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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Sharing happiness with you

Photos in Melbourne...

Friday, May 19, 2006

Female Adsense Publisher - We "Chan" Do It

Wondering what's "Chan" ?????? Why say "Chan" Do It????????

Hahaha...It's a super branding for Patric's coaching program, and it becomes so popular now, in our circle of friends, everyone starting to say, "Chan" instead of "can", e.g. "You Chan Do it", "I Chan Do it", "Yes, I Chan", "No, Chan Do"...etc. Some of Patric's student said, "Chan doing it", for those students who have problem in certain field, they said, "I Chan't Do it". Haha, that's the power of Viral Marketing!!

I was wondering why I can see there are lots of popular male adsense publishers in the internet world, but why I seldom see any popular female adsense publisher? Come on girls!! For those girls who have no idea about what's Adsense? Or how to do it? Or how to improve it? You "Chan" go to Publishing Business Secrets. It's an extra partime income for you, why not?!

Female Adsense Publisher - We "Chan" Do It!!

Funny Adsense Publisher

Check this guy out!!

The guy on 'The Wiggles' KID's bicycle, is not an ordinary joker, as you know more about him, his jokes can blow you off!! He makes over than $100,000 a month from publishing business like Google adsense and Yahoo Publishing networks!

???????????? Yup, you're right, A MONTH, no typo error. He is earning more than $100,000 a month in adsense publishing business. His name is Kelvin Hui.

That's why Patric have invited him to come down to Penang, Malaysia to teach me and Patric how to start a publishing business like Google Adsense from scratch. Nothing was hold back. 3 months later, I was making money from Google Adsense on autopilot. Amazing, all on AUTOPILOT!!

Good news is, what he had taught us was recorded in a video with Patric. He shares this valuable information with EVERYONE as well in an over 4-hour video footage!

We were having the video shooting by the beach in Penang island, having fun before, during and after the video shooting. This is what they do after that the video taking in Penang...

My dream...

Do you have any childhood dream? Yes? Hhhhmmm, then what's that? Opppsss :X , ask too much!

Have you have the same dream with me? Then what's mine? ...HOT AIR BALLOON.
Hot air ballooning in Yarra Valley, Australia. This is so..so..so awesome, lovely experience.

Ballooning is a unique experience that not a lot of people are involved with, it's a lot of fun and one of the adventurous activity I have. Once airborne, balloons just float with the wind. The chase crew sets up the balloon and makes sure the basket achieves a safe lift off. Once that's done, the crew takes the chase vehicle and follows the balloon.

The first thing that striked us, as we rised high in the air, that between us and Yarra everything is green, and the white mist. The well-defined line between the two stretches of sky and land as far as the eye can see when drifted a few hundred feet above the valey.

My great experience, he provided me. My childhood dream, he fulfiled it. Discover who is the "HE".

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

my best friend's wedding in melbourne

Angeline is my best friend, my old friend that we played together since we were kids. She was my neighbour next door, we spent our teens together. She looks gorgeous, isn't she? Just like when she was in teen, her exist always attracted a lot of the teen boys but no one is attracted by me... :# Haha.

I went to Australia is because of her, just feel that want to celebrate and share the special moment with her. I was the only friend of hers that flied from our country to attend her wedding. I love to see her happy, especially happy with her decision by marrying the man that she wants to be with for the rest of her life. Mr. Right, she've found hers. That's so sweet, just like her smile that day.


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Lovely Gold Coast

I'm in Gold Coast with my Darlin now. It's a beautiful place and lovely weather here, not too cold, not too hot. Coz I'm from a country that having summer along the year, no spring, no autumm and of cause no summer. However, Melbourne kinda cold to me, it dropped till 4 degree in the city and 1 degree at Yarra Valey, even during autumm season. Gosh, that's too cold for me, I was freezing, but I wasn't alone...haha.

Also, I've surrounded by a lot of warm people in Gold Coast. I have darlin, I have Kelvin, Pete, Lynne, Agelica, Maxim...etc., can't manage to address them all. We were having Mothers' Day BBQ in Pete's house, we were eating, we were playing, having fun, cheers and laughed together.

This is what I mean:

Also, we learned a lot of new words there, most of the Australians are saying: "Goodday, mate", "How is it going", "No worries", "Yay, yay" instead of "yeah" etc. Haha...

Lovely Goldcoast, hmmm.....so good! So much fun!