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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Lovely Gold Coast

I'm in Gold Coast with my Darlin now. It's a beautiful place and lovely weather here, not too cold, not too hot. Coz I'm from a country that having summer along the year, no spring, no autumm and of cause no summer. However, Melbourne kinda cold to me, it dropped till 4 degree in the city and 1 degree at Yarra Valey, even during autumm season. Gosh, that's too cold for me, I was freezing, but I wasn't alone...haha.

Also, I've surrounded by a lot of warm people in Gold Coast. I have darlin, I have Kelvin, Pete, Lynne, Agelica, Maxim...etc., can't manage to address them all. We were having Mothers' Day BBQ in Pete's house, we were eating, we were playing, having fun, cheers and laughed together.

This is what I mean:

Also, we learned a lot of new words there, most of the Australians are saying: "Goodday, mate", "How is it going", "No worries", "Yay, yay" instead of "yeah" etc. Haha...

Lovely Goldcoast, hmmm.....so good! So much fun!


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