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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Captain Cook's cottage

Check this at emily's video

Take a rest for a minute and take a sip of your favorite drink...enjoy!


Monday, August 07, 2006

Have you check your site's adsense code regularly?

Have you check your site's adsense code regularly?

If not, you may see your adsense code (pub-id) has been changed by someone!! If then, all your effort to build your webpages or websites, drive traffic, increase CTR, spent hundred or thousand Dollars to buy courses to build the on & off site optimization...ALL belong to the 'SOMEONE'.

I'm not kidding you.

Please do not wait until one day you log into your adsense account to see there's no impression on your certain webpage. Gosh, zero impressions and no revenue AT ALL for the page??!!!

How am I going to know that??
How do I know the 'someone' had replaced my adsense code to his???

Oh..oh..ohh...hang on, hang on...

First, go to your webpage that you put your adsense code to, then looking for "Advertise on this site" at somewhere near to your ads. After that just click it. See the webpage's URL is it that belong to you? Or the webpage that you used to register your adsense's account.

It’s good for adsense publishers to keep an eye out for trouble as this could be the start of a new trend, "Hackers cracked the Google AdSense Publisher ID". (Although, it's quite a dummy action coz it's too easy to trace that hacker down because of his pub ID)...just like someone broke into your house and put his business card in the house. Though, he/she may has a lot of mailing address that stated in the business card.

Anyhow if this happen to you, the easiest way is to report to Google and let Google to ban him. Please write to Google, they'll get back to you more or less 48 hours. Then change back your own adsense code.

Anyhow we still need to know why this can be done by him?

1) You gave your ftp's login to others access to site before. Then you loose security. Never give anyone your ftp's login details or else, change it after that at your cpanel.

2) Perhaps he had transfer some Trojan cookies to your pc. He got your system trojaned or installed a keylogger through IM. That's how he got your ftp account details. So, please run your anti-spyware and anti-virus software regularly as well. This is a must for everyone to protect your details and your pc nowadays.

Only these 2 that I can think of right now coz I'm NOT a HACKER...hehe...this is the main reason...and also, I'm not programming literate obviously.