emily khoo

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Valentine's Day gift

Hey, busy guys and girls, just a short message to remind you that Valentine's Day is coming. Come on, be romantic! Just get some stuff for your love one, no matter what gender you are or how old are you, love is always in the air, feel it! You take the first move if he or she doesn't want to. Why not?

If you've no idea with what to go to, hah, then go to this website, they've hundreds of good stuff for you to go to...I've purchased some stuff there, I've compared the price is cheaper than the usual price in the supermarkets. It took only 4 days to reach me without paying any shipping cost. Infect, it's free shipping all around the world. Cool, right?

I even heard about this site from a stranger girl that I've met at Broad Beach, Gold Coast. She told me that she bought lots of cheap perfumes there and also, her husband used to surprise her with surprise gifts delivered to her when he is not around. Sweet!

Hehe, I told you this is because I pops up with this idea and plan to send to "My Him" now :D . If you're thinking of joining me to do it, let's go to:

Buy gift for Valentine's Day