emily khoo

Monday, October 09, 2006

How long will Google keep sites in their sandbox?

How long will Google keep new websites in their sandbox?

Ahem, the answer is...No exact time frame from Google for keeping sites sandboxed :D. The jailing in the Google sandbox for new sites with new domains is on average 4-5 months, although sometimes it can be as short as 2 weeks or as long as 8 months. Who knows? Yes, GOOGLE.

Google manually reviews new websites that gain any significant number of links, are sent a certain quantity of visitors, or trigger some other set of parameters are flagged for manual review has skyrocketed. I've tested and discovered before, there are cases when my two new sites with new domains were launched almost in the same day, one of them was indexed within a week or two but the other one was not being so lucky :(, it wasn’t index in that same month at all.

So, you see, two of them released from the sandbox in different month. Also it’s something that beyond your control, you can’t fight the sandbox. The only thing you can do is to adapt to it and patiently wait for time to pass and of cause doing other things while waiting :). Usually Google's robots might pick up your site through an inbound link (incoming backlink) or you may have submitted your site to Google. I can say almost all newly launched websites 'successfully' get into the sandbox for certain period of time.

Ohh, also, your site is sandboxed doesn’t mean that it’s not indexed by Google at all. Sometimes, your new site could be indexed or able to be at the top the search results.....but maybe at the beginning only...then Google had to take it to the sandbox for temporary jailing, sound familiar :D !

Hmmm...so it’s time for you to check whether your new site is in the SandBox? If your site is in sandbox:

1) No pagerank for your site. If the page is in the SandBox, Google doesn't give your webpage any pagerank.

2) Go to google.com and key in "link:www.yourwebsite.com" or "site:www.yourwebsite.com" in the Google search box. It doesn't return any results or it doesn't show signs of any other websites linking to yours nor displays pages related to yours.

3) Key in “www.yourwebsite.com” in the Google search box, there’s no pages other page are listed even your homepage.

Let’s check it out! It's something different from you’ve overtaken by your competitors in the search engine world :D .

After checking, you may think of this...

How to minimize the risk of our new sites from being sandboxed?

Perhaps to some of the experts, they’ve knew it since donkey years ago, but me, just few months ago...