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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Two Friends Getting Married On My Birthday Month

Since I'm sleeping late tonight, let us think of the possibilities WHY they’re getting married so fast.

Why I think they are getting married?

Mok Jo Han

He found his one and the only true love—soul mate? (Woo hoo!)
He wants to be a responsible man after getting married? Why would he want to do that for? (Not sure)
He realizes that he is not so good looking as he thought he is so he gives up of girls already? (Definitely)
Stop disappointing and hurting the men. (You’ll be surprise! Haha)
He’s sick and tired with the playful bachelor life and wants to end his crazy life once and for all? (Suspicious)
He wants to concentrate more in his business without wasting time on trying to win girls’ heart? (Suspicious)
Too much attention from girls that are dying to be in his big and crunchy arms? So he thought by settling down will get rid all of them. (2000% NOT)
He got the best woman in the world? (Weee!)
He needs someone that can understand him?
He loves the woman of his life very much to give up all of the girls in the world? (Hmmm…maybe)
He found a brilliant bride that can help him in prospering his businesses? (Wow wee!)
He found the best mother-in-law? (Think so)

Kelvin Hui

Found the girl that fulfilled his 101 requirements as a girl friend? (Woo hoo!)
Bored with singlehood life? (Suspicious)
Stop disappointing and hurting the men. (Kakaka!)
Too busy and simply find one? (Ohhhhh????)
He wants to concentrate more in his business without wasting time on other girls? (Suspicious)
Sick and tired with those girls that fighting for his love? (Definitely!)
Need someone that can be trusted thoroughly? (Suspicious)
Too choosy and finally found the best one? (Think so)
Needs someone that he can talk to every single night before bed? (Suspicious)
He loves the bride too much? (Bingo!)
Need someone to help up in his business? (Suspicious)
Wants to settle down with a simple and quiet life? (Suspicious)
Found someone that he can cook for? (Perhaps)
Need a mother that can take care the catsssssssssssss? (Suspicious)
The bride that loves him 133.98%? (Whoah?!)
He’s SO wants to marry the bride that can light up his life? (Suspicious)
Arrange marriage from parents? (Haha, of cause NOT!)

Which one you think????????


I feel guilty...

It's been a llooooooonnnnnggg time since I post. I'm actually feeling guilty of that.

Some updates for you:

1. Jo Han Mok is getting married in Singapore this year. 99% that Patric and I will be attending. It was surprising news since he's a person who doesn't look like a man who wants to settle down so fast. Hmmm... I guess, when the right person is in front of you, things change for better. :-) Also, I think he have lose weight and look better now.

2. Another friend of mine who Patric and I visited several times in Hong Kong last year is getting married too! When Kelvin Hui told us he's getting married, we were surprise as well. Of course we were happy for him because he looks very happy to have a wife. However, seeing Kelvin getting married is not as surprising as Jo Han because Kelvin's look more like a family man compared to Jo Han. :-) He also love cats so I don't know how he's going to take care so many of them when he has a baby. Hah, but I know he'll has his ways.

3. I'm now officially helping Patric on his offline speaking engagement business. A lot of work but it's exciting. Last month, we were in Singapore to speak for Stephen Pierce's http://www.uymg.com/. This month? It was Kuching in Malaysia and 5 days ago was Jakarta in Indonesia. I meet all kind of people with different types of attitude and behavior. Fortunately, most of them are nice people. If you want to hire Patric to speak for your event in the future, you can contact me directly already. (smile)

4. New site. I'm setting up a new salesletter page soon to make money online. But I'm very new to writing salesletter, doing email marketing, etc. I realized that the ultimate secret to be successful online is to have a mailing list. Making money from Adsense is good but I don't think it's 'secure' or 'stable' income. Good thing is, I take it as a fun thing to learn. Hehe... call me lucky.

5. Do you know that there is a quality score for Adsense as well, not just for Adwords? If your page has certain good qualities set by Google, it will display Adsense ads that will earn you more per click. I heard one of the main 'ingredients' to have high quality score is to add quality links to your pages. Quality pages can be defined as pages related to your niche or with high PR.

I'm writing 5 updates at once hoping that it'll cover my guiltiness of not posting for so long.