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Friday, May 19, 2006

Female Adsense Publisher - We "Chan" Do It

Wondering what's "Chan" ?????? Why say "Chan" Do It????????

Hahaha...It's a super branding for Patric's coaching program, and it becomes so popular now, in our circle of friends, everyone starting to say, "Chan" instead of "can", e.g. "You Chan Do it", "I Chan Do it", "Yes, I Chan", "No, Chan Do"...etc. Some of Patric's student said, "Chan doing it", for those students who have problem in certain field, they said, "I Chan't Do it". Haha, that's the power of Viral Marketing!!

I was wondering why I can see there are lots of popular male adsense publishers in the internet world, but why I seldom see any popular female adsense publisher? Come on girls!! For those girls who have no idea about what's Adsense? Or how to do it? Or how to improve it? You "Chan" go to Publishing Business Secrets. It's an extra partime income for you, why not?!

Female Adsense Publisher - We "Chan" Do It!!

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emily, can you share some tips on adsense. I intend to get partic's adsense dvd. any preview? ask patric can?

"Cast a World of Cuffs"

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