emily khoo

Monday, June 12, 2006


Hmmmm.....Last week I've been feeling kinda low.
Aggravated, irritated, grumpy, unmotivated and uninspired. Not quite postnatal depression. I'm probably too proud, too pragmatic and possibly too eternally optimistic to be depressed during times of happiness.

I've just been intensely frustrated about :
1) the brainless contractor who renovated our new office,
and also, too many parties loved to be in the renovation's
decision making circle...geee...too many cooks spoil the broth?
2) my inability to THINK and coherently express ideas
that are related to my work.
3) the lack of time to myself, and
4) just the general imbalance of my life.

Man, I was so grumpy. It was really eating into me. (Do you have this experience before? just grumpy...and grumpy and grumpy...hehe)

Heh, I feel so bad now...for being so grumpy.. LAUGH

Last night...
I decided that "feeling down" was really boring, and that it was probably time to do something about it.
I turned to Pat and said, "Let's go to eat. I want to eat A LOT. I want to eat burger at the mini stall by the roadside, chinese herb with rice...dessert in town. YES, for SUPPER."

So off we went.

Pat and I chatted and flicked through trashy magazines.
It was such a simple and beautiful midnight (especially with lots of food in my stomach before I sleep). Just hanging out in my favourite places with the special man in my life.

I'm not entirely convinced that it had anything to do with the burgers, rice and the dessert, or being out in town. But nonetheless, it kinda confirmed to me that yes, I can still be a groovy hot chick and being loved that much! Sometimes, girls can forget of their sense of security!

Emmm....simple girl, simple life and so gratitute that I've a life like this.

Life can be as simple and "chan-doful" as it is...