emily khoo

Friday, September 15, 2006

Avoid your baby site to Google Sandbox

Does your baby new site/blog been to 'Google Sandbox' before? But I bet it's definitely not a fun place to be.

Sandbox is where all those sites especially new sites are kept until they're evaluate by Google that your site is mature enough to be in the Google's top ranking game for a certain keyword. It just likes a probation period for new sites. So, this is ONE of barriers for a newcomer to penetrate into search engine's world.

Although there is no direct confirmation of the existence of a sandbox. Somehow, have you experience before, no matter how well you optimized your new sites, it just don't get high ranking on Google. While on MSN and Yahoo, your sites will get indexed quite fast.

Several reasons why Google wants to create this sandbox. It's because of there are a lot of people setting up bulk of backlinks in a short period of time, duplicated content, keywords and bla bla bla.

So as you can see, sandbox is something that you've no total control and you cannot avoid it. For instance, you just can't do anything or sue Blogger if they've deleted your blog/s without your permission or acknowledgement because it is FREE OF CHARGE, and you're not paying a penny to them by using their services. But still, always there are ways for you to rescue ;) .

How long will Google keep your baby site in the sandbox? Kekeke...

By the way, I think I really need an English teacher to teach me better English and grammar! Eeeeeek... !!!!

Sigh, just kidding.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I did not use Adwords to drive traffic

I did not use Adwords to drive traffic to my sites.

Perhaps I'm a little bit cheapskate, it's kinda costly for Adsense purposes. I can feel the pinch when paying it, ouch!!! Hey I just want to save it for my own pocket money, nothing wrong, right? (Or~~do you have the same pinchy feeling like me as well?) But to some of the things that I like to buy such as softwares (or things that I desired during shopping), it's a exceptional case :) . I use backlinks instead of Adwords.

What can I suggest to you is, try to use quality backlink (backlink - link from another site to your website/webpage), to me, quality backlinks are crucial to Adsense and SEO success.

Try to use backlinks that's not from a 'link farm' site or a site that's full of outbound links to other sites. It's because that quantity of the outbound link from a page will play a very important role. Always a site that has less outbound links is better than a site that has 100 on the page. Preferably the site that link to yours is related to your site/niche.

After that you'll need to see whether the backlink that you have will stay temporary or permenantly on that particular page. Meaning, no matter how many new content are publish, your site's URL will be still be there.