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Friday, May 19, 2006

Funny Adsense Publisher

Check this guy out!!

The guy on 'The Wiggles' KID's bicycle, is not an ordinary joker, as you know more about him, his jokes can blow you off!! He makes over than $100,000 a month from publishing business like Google adsense and Yahoo Publishing networks!

???????????? Yup, you're right, A MONTH, no typo error. He is earning more than $100,000 a month in adsense publishing business. His name is Kelvin Hui.

That's why Patric have invited him to come down to Penang, Malaysia to teach me and Patric how to start a publishing business like Google Adsense from scratch. Nothing was hold back. 3 months later, I was making money from Google Adsense on autopilot. Amazing, all on AUTOPILOT!!

Good news is, what he had taught us was recorded in a video with Patric. He shares this valuable information with EVERYONE as well in an over 4-hour video footage!

We were having the video shooting by the beach in Penang island, having fun before, during and after the video shooting. This is what they do after that the video taking in Penang...

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Kelvin is great, I know I would love if he came to the US to do a seminar. I know he is starting to attract a following over here. I can't wait for the 4 hour video comes out, wish you the best of luck and hard work in your new business. I would love to learn more.

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