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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Announcement for Publishing Business Secrets launching

Publishing Business Secrets just launched tonight. Guess what? 30 sales in TWO hours! That’s awesome! Every 4 minutes there’s a US$XXX sale coming in. And yet, it's NOT EVEN been promoted by anyone else.

Order today and you'll get a whopping $200 discount. Once they sold out 100 copies, the price will increase. You see, because they KNOW that Publishing Business Secrets DVD Course will show you to make money online from Adsense successfully, I strongly believe that they're going to get a lot of testimonials from our 100 customers. If you want to be one of them to grab this time-sensitive discount offer, click here to publishing business secrets. The longer you think, the higher risk that you won't be able to get the discount or worse still, to buy the course once they're all sold out.


My 'little' feedback on the Adsense keyword tool that I've used lately

Last month, I just bought another keyword search tool. Of cause it’s use for Adsense purposes. It is Keyword Elite. You might have heard of it, a keyword search tool that recommended by a lot of people.

However, I have comments for it. Hmmm....how can I describe the feeling when I’m using it. I would say it’s not very convenient. I think this is a suitable word for me to comment about this tool for Adsense purposes (although the SEO Elite is good).

Perhaps it might be a useful tool for internet marketer or people who want to run Google Adwords....might be...coz I never use it for Adwords or internet marketing purposes at all. But I think it’s not very convenient for Adsense purposes. Of cause you can try it, maybe you’ll have different feedback from me.

Most of the time, I’ll need to take extra 15 min just to read the “HELP”, sending tickets to their support team, watching help videos or visit to their forum...just like my bible when using this tool. Gosh! Time is money, baby! I must think how I can avoid wasting time to use this powerful software.

Software is just a tool, we need to control it rather than let it control us or influence our emotion especially when using it? If you want to use Keyword Elite for internet marketing purposes, you can still have a try.

I’ve used quite a number of keyword search tools, EACH of them also has their own strengths and WEAKNESSES. Let me count how many I’ve used...1...2...3...4...5...What I can think off right now is 5. Each of them cost at least a hundred onwards. Agree?

Anyhow, it’s just my 'little' feedback towards it. But I’ll still invest in keyword search tool coz it is a crucial part to start every Adsense project. Correct keyword can bring you hundreds of dollars per day.

Hmmmm...I’ll be waiting for the new face of BrainStorm Generator Version 2 to be launch...hehe...then I’ll let you know again ;) .


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