emily khoo

Friday, June 09, 2006

Living your life fearing Adsense!

Which one is yours???

1) Fear of getting banned or deindexed for NO reason
2) Fear of computers, servers, and backups will ALL DIE at once
3) Fear of getting the "invalid clicks warning"-Email
4) Fear of wasting my time on the Chump Change Chase
5) Fear of getting too many $0.01 clicks
6) Fear of getting an abnormally high CTR
7) Fear of getting an abnormally low CTR
8) Fear of losing pages in Google and thereby losing traffic
9) Fear of high paying advertisers will put you on their filter list
10) Fear of someone would copy your idea and your site
11) Fear of Smart Pricing will kill you; low EPC
12) Fear of too many MFA's on your site
13) Fear of getting a click attack from competition or Russia
14) Fear of desk monsters will hack your sites or report your sites to Google
15) Fear of accidentally clicking an ad on your site
16) Fear of the whole internet world will full of JUNKS and TRASHES
17) Fear of others earn more than you
18) Fear of Blogger delete your blogs without notification
19) Fear of no enough time to build more sites
20) Fear of Google Adsense freeze your account

How many fear do you have? 1? 2? 5? 10? All???

Or JUST DO IT! No fear at all? Think MORE carefully....Haha...


Google Adsense Search

I know we shouldn't click the ads by ourselves, coz Google can track it with our ip address, cookies or other tracking systems.
(Fear of accidentally clicking an ad on our site)

However, good news is, we allowed to search but not click anything :D !