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Friday, June 09, 2006

Google Adsense Search

I know we shouldn't click the ads by ourselves, coz Google can track it with our ip address, cookies or other tracking systems.
(Fear of accidentally clicking an ad on our site)

However, good news is, we allowed to search but not click anything :D !


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Hi Ewen.,

Just wanted say thanks for your comments .
I am an upgraded member.
Although I did find that I already had quite a few programs like Unlimited Advoyager and others. ( for a tiny second I thought Heck I've got all these ) but then I though gosh I've spent like you literally thousands on courses dvd'd etc etc. so How can I lifetime membership at $97 be bad deal.
To be honest I had been on your newsletters for quite a while and I like your style and honesty.
You are spot on in terms of ' How badly you want it'.
I have been trying to make money on internet marketing for about 5 years and have yet to make a penny. But finally the old penny has started to roll and I think I can really make a go of it this year since I sold my main bread winner ( my business) and now I dont have a choice or as some say - a cushion to rely on.
I look forward to learning a lot from you
Hamant UK

By 1St Freedom Direct, at 10:25 AM  

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