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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Announcement for Publishing Business Secrets launching

Publishing Business Secrets just launched tonight. Guess what? 30 sales in TWO hours! That’s awesome! Every 4 minutes there’s a US$XXX sale coming in. And yet, it's NOT EVEN been promoted by anyone else.

Order today and you'll get a whopping $200 discount. Once they sold out 100 copies, the price will increase. You see, because they KNOW that Publishing Business Secrets DVD Course will show you to make money online from Adsense successfully, I strongly believe that they're going to get a lot of testimonials from our 100 customers. If you want to be one of them to grab this time-sensitive discount offer, click here to publishing business secrets. The longer you think, the higher risk that you won't be able to get the discount or worse still, to buy the course once they're all sold out.


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