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Monday, August 21, 2006

about Adsense’s Video ads

I came to know about this news sometimes ago.

Basically it tells you about MTV and Google deal makes video AdSense. Also, it’s another opportunity for adsense publishers to make money through the advertisement instead of the text ads and image ads. Your earnings from video ads will depend on the pricing of the specific video ads you display. For your information, for the first stage MTV will start the service with 200 hand-picked publishers for now only.

However, for this adsense’s video ads, you’ll NOT get paid for the first click or playing the video but a click on the display advertiser’s URL/website. Which mean, you’ll only get paid when users click the display URLs at the bottom of the ads or click the video ads while the video is playing. Conclusion, the video ads are initially displayed as an opening image only, you’ll need at least a two-click for the payout.

Haha, at least, it won’t consider a fraud click if you’re playing the video ads by clicking the PLAY button on your own site, or accidentally click on your own ads :D . But I personally not really like it.

The adsense’s video ads will be shown only when you have these ads format, Medium Rectangle (300 X 250), Large Rectangle (336 X 280), and Square (250 X 250) on your site. FYI, it's cpm-based. You’ll need a certain amount of views a month to qualify for this new video program.


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You have done a great job with adsense by the looks of it. Can you just tell us newbies, how many pages is your site to generate that kind of income? Do you use adwords to drive traffic or what other methods do you use?


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