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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

About Adsense Statistic

The defination or real figures of Adsense Stats

Page Impressions = Number of times an ad unit (collection of 1-4 ads/image) is displayed. (2 ads units on the page gives 2 impressions each time the page is loaded).
Clicks = Number of times someone clicks on an ad. If they leave your page, hit the back button and click another ad that's two clicks.
Your earnings = Your earnings (hehe...you'll know better than me)

Derived Figures:

Clickthrough Rate = 100 x Clicks/Page Impressions (it's expressed as a percentage)
CTR= Clickthrough Rate (see above)
CPM (or Effective CPM) = Earnings per thousand page views

Not displayed but often discussed:
EPC = Earnings Per Click (your dollar earnings/number of clicks)
It is often argued that this is a metric you shouldn't obsess about as the final earnings are what count (more later)

Neh...this is the common issues always raised

What's an average CTR or CPM or EPC?

How do I know if I'm doing as well as I can?

Personally I feel that any discussion of average CTR or CPM or EPC in different websites with different niche or subjects and of cause in different countries as well... is a complete waste of time. First, there is no way of working out an average unless Google discloses the full figures that only they know.

Any average calculated from figures disclosed by publishers here is something likely to be skewed because the people who are doing well will not disclose their figures so you have an incomplete picture. If there are only two categories of publisher who make either less than US$100 or more than US$10000, then how will the knowledge that the average is US$5000 be of any advantage to anyone of you? Sound logic to you? It could drop to US$2000 if one or two of the multi-million dollar big guy publishers pull out. Add in additional million other sub US$100 publishers might not move the average.

Um...Perhaps, you may not understand what I'm trying to say. I'm not quite good in explaination...

Second common issues

EPC does matter or EPC doesn't matter?????

It does and it doesn't. First, you have no control over EPC. Even Google also has very minor control over EPC (Earnings Per Click). There are some evidence if it based on Google earnings data published at time of IPO, shown that Google pays publishers as much as 70% or more of what Google Adwords collects from advertisers. However, our own ads EPC ads are influenced by many variables such as Adwords advertiser budgets, seasonal changes, ads campaigns launched and ceased ...and bla bla bla...

The productive thing to do is to concentrate on something possible that you do have control over like page impressions and also the CLICKS by optimising the position of the ads that you wish to display or the colour of your ads.

This is what I can thought of...:)

Do you know that usually Google updates the real figures couples of times during the day according to your website's performance. The real figures are the page impressions, clicks and earnings. These are what you concern most, right?

Derived figures are the figures...of cause you can calculate yourself but Google displays for your convenience, why do the extra work? These get automatically updated based on what the real figures are showing at any point in time.

Hah...I'm just like doing a statistic report of certain subject when I was in uni...I hope that you'll benefit from it.

Perhaps to some of the adsense players, they already knew it in dinosour years ago, but to me, I've learned and discovered it along my way.

Can I get a clap from you to motivate me?? Ohh...come on, JUST A CLAP :D


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