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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Work hard and party hard!

Johan invited us to go clubbing. Clubbing? I raised one eyebrow.

I'm so not into the clubbing scene. Somehow...I think it's fun and interesting if go with a bunch of friends. That way there's enough time to forget how lame drunk people can get, how expensive drinks are, how people squish past you to grab your tits or butt, and how utterly gross my hair smells after.

But hey, it's time for us to play hard. So I wanted to go out, feel free and crazy and have some irresponsible fun...kakaka.

All men want to get laid by the end of the night. So keeping this in mind.

There's a certain sense of power when you already have your special one and in a club. You know you're going to go home to a warm bed and snuggle up to the man you're utterly in love with. So there was a certain cool and ease in which I found myself shutting down/waving off/lying to/totally ignoring every boring/ugly/annoying/pretentious person I met.

There're few quite good looking (but very boring) guys making us look good! Oh yeah, I saw a guy in the club, damn, he was hot. He looked somewhere...somewhere Enrique Iglesias and Colin Farrell. I'm not really remember how he looked like but he was SOOOO...very sexy and 'cute'! He was standing somewhere near the ladies washroom. So guys, if you wanna be visible to girls, better pick a corner somewhere near to the ladies washroom...haha...(a valuable hint for guys).

Phew, finally I got home at 3++am. I was still drunk and dizzy, it was the first time I got drunk. Aaaakk, so suffering, I promised I'd never do it again. But overall it was a fun and crazy night.

Oh and here are pictures of me looking unquestionably and appropriately drunk. Funny tougues parade picture (for photo taking purposes) and this is how girls look like when they're drunk.


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