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Friday, July 21, 2006

My awful day

I slept about 20 hours yesterday!! Amazing, how can I do that?!

I feel awful for that! Fever and dizzyness just made me can't get up from my spongey bed. Also, My flu has developed into a nasty head cold. I'm stuffed and clogged and snotty and grumpy and headache...and my taste buds just don't work!!!! I feel like I've rubbed my tongue dry on cardboard. Or like I'm constantly sucking on an old sock. Yucksss...! I kept adding salt to my meals and sugar to my drinks. I just can't taste anything! Gosh!! It's soooo weird and scary. I thought I'll be losing my taste for the rest of life.

I ate 3/4 of a lolly pops, before I realised that I was wasting them. My brain wasn't receiving any warning messages about sugar overloads. Geee...it was quite distressing.

However I did learn a few things about the texture of food.
Take away the taste and most foods feel gross in your mouth.
Munched up vegetables just feel like rubbery little blocks.
Meat is like spongey orange peel.
Rice is just bean bag filling.

Hah, I feel ice cream is plain strange! Like a hardware wall plaster but cold! I think chocolate was the only nice thing. Hard and solid, then melty and smooth, creamy and velvety. So yummy!

I hope I feel better tomorrow. My mummy promised to make me herbal soup, the good chinese herbal soup, mix with 17 different type of herbs, can improve health and complexion...Haha.


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