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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

How much is your Adsense biggest click?

It's shocking me!

Woo hoo, my $17.34 per click yesterday, it make me sit up and stare! So unreal but...impressive!

Too bad its on a site rarely frequented...hah, biggest click I ever had!

However at the same day, my another site is 102 clicks for $17+ yesterday...Haha...Cute but it kinda normal.

Actually It's not the amount that matters, but the frequency and consistency.

Nothing to brag about the $17.34 but just wanna share with you guys.

So how much is your Adsense biggest click? Or higher than this??


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Hi Emily,

Great income from great clicks!

Wish I could count the same as your huge clicks and impressions...

Again, Im just a novice in adsense. Could you send me a key tip of your advise for me to get more clicks? and... It would greatly appreciated if you could lend a piece of your time to comment on my blog? via ivanrey01@yahoo.com... www.ivanreylilles.blogspot.com

Thanks and more clicks in your life!


By iVaN, at 9:21 AM  

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