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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Which Adsense ads format work better for you?

Ah ha, ever thinking of that? What's better for you?

There are Leaderboard (728x90), Large Rectangle (336 x 280), Banner (468 x 60)...bla..bla..bla. If you’re not sure about Adsense ads format, you can go to register yourself an account at Google Adsense or click the shortcut that I’ve prepared for you which is on your right as well.

Have you notice that some sites have the 728 wide leaderboard and no square blocks in their content but other sites have the squares and no leaderboard.

So which has the better CTR for you and what layout style are you using them with?

Be frank with you, I’ve had no luck with the 728x90 but when I placed the 336x280 block at my webpages, it doubled my CTR and eCPM I was getting with using the wide skyscraper, it was previously getting the best CTR. I have no idea why most my visitors love this ads format and only few of them will click on 728x90.

Recently, I have seen a small image (75 x 62 pixels) at the left side of a leaderboard containing three text ads. The picture was so-so on target for the page, but I think it definitely drew attention to the ads.

I think this is a new Adsense feature where an image takes the place of an ad within the ad unit.

Emmm...I like it!


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Hi Emily
Came here from Patric's mention of your Blog.
Great content and glad youre succeeding.

Wish you great success
By the way lovely pictures and you look fab.
Take care
Hamant Keval

By 1St Freedom Direct, at 10:29 AM  

Hi Emily,

Came across your blog via Patric's newsletter.. anyhow, just like to know, which website are you gaining your adsense profit from?

I'm very new to Adsense and looking forward to learn more.



By dorischua, at 8:58 PM  

Hi Emily,

I gladly browsed this site of yours from Patric's referal. I am a big fan of Patrick.

Wishing you unlimited success.
I'm just a novice in Adsense. Hope you guys continue to aid people like me.



By iVaN, at 8:59 AM  

Thankz Ivan, Doris and Hamant ;) !

By emily's world, at 1:05 PM  

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