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Saturday, July 08, 2006

How Google system detects the Adsense fraud clicks?

Have you ever wondering how Google detects the Adsense fraud clicks? Hope these will help if you haven't discover it yet.

Of cause Google have the resources to do so, from new set up online search engine company in the year of 1997 to multi billion company that has been ranked as one of the fastest growing companies. It has overtake several fortune 500 companies that has been in business for more than 10 years! With 2005 revenue of almost US$ 10 billions, and profits of more than US$ 1 billion. A large chunk of this comes from Adwords / AdSense advertisements.

So, just follow and accept Google's terms and conditions. Here are some detection methods that Google MIGHT use.

Search Engine Ranking; Your website is not indexed on any search engine, not linked by any prominent website, but get consistently high traffic? That sounds like something is in play. Regardless of whether it is an adware-embedded software, spam, trojan clickbot, or intentionally installed click-exchange network, it doesn’t sound right.

IP Address; If the AdSense click is originated from the same IP Address as the one used for accessing your AdSense account, your account is flagged.

Cookies; Most home users do not use static IP Address for Internet connection. In most cases just disconnect and reconnect will give you a new IP Address. But don’t forget, Google has set cookies on your computer.

Other Google Services; Thinking that you are safe just because you do not access your AdSense account? Think again. This time, consider these: GMail, Google Earth, Google Calendar, Google Search, Google Toolbar, Google Talk, Google Sitemap, Google Desktop, Blogger, and so on, and so on. With the wide range of services they provide, Google can trace the originator of most (or probably almost all) clicks.

Click Pattern 1; Oh, why this computer / IP address / person is so trigger-click-happy on this particular website but never click on the ads on other sites?

Click Pattern 2; And why is it that people accessing these sites direct (type-in URL or from bookmark) tend to be very active ad-clickers compared with those referred from search engine or other sites?

Click Pattern 3; And why the ad-clickers like to hit and run, compared with non ad-clickers that surf a few pages before leaving?

Click-Through-Rate (CTR); Your CTR may range from 0.5% to 10%, but if it exceeds a certain point (probably around 10%), you are flagged.

Geo-Location; Used Urchin (Google Analytics) before? Then you should know that Google can trace traffics origin down to the small town. Different IP doesn’t mean much. Unless your site is really targetted to one small geo-point, a high number of clicks from nearby location will get you banned quickly.

Advertisers conversion rate; Ad click is one thing. But does it bring value to the advertisers? If none of the clicks on your site translate to conversion to the advertiser, you are in trouble. First the Smart-Pricing hits, then your AdSense account disabled.

Combo; Each of these detection methods might seem rather weak. But combine them together, and not many click fraud can pass through these filters. Even the smartest clickbot will have a hard time.


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I had an account with Google Adsense. I was new to Adsense and didnt know a single thing about click fraud. Clicked on my ads about 20-30 times (including while creating pages). I got banned from Adsense Program. Opened a new program, like any other newbie. That too got banned. Wrote about 3 or 4 professional emails but they replied only once saying i did not follow TOS. I'm sad about losing my account. Any suggestions what else I can do? Provided one chance, I will NEVER gamble with my adsense account.

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