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Monday, July 03, 2006

Is Adsense Getting 'Hot' Again Now?

Is Adsense getting 'hot' again?

What do you think?

There are people thought that Adsense is an "easy" job that provide you good income, good lifestyle but less effort. And they're people thought that it's an another moden gold rush. So rushing to the goldmine before it completly grabed by others. Fear of loosing! Another fear of Adsense or fear of life

This is why they're tons of Adsense or SEO related products keep popping up like mushrooms. From high end coaching to low end report...keep flashing infront of your eyes. Hard selling, soft selling, up selling, down selling...
Are you one of them that being sold?

Adsense just like Chump, Change, Chase? Fear of Adsense no. 4 that I posted in my blog. Like never ending in buying or chasing for those products that almost the same, just the changed of the title, author and the content delivery way.

I understand that there are people who are financial constrain and wish to venture into Adsense business, these are specially for you:

1). Think of what you really need.
2). There are almost no free lunch (info update).
3). Listen to the feedback from the users that you 'trust'.
4). (fill in the blank)
5). (fill in the blank)

I keep it SHORT but you gotta think it LONG.


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I am one thta getting sucked in with every new adsence product, so spending more in learning than I making from adsence ahhhhhhhh

By Geoff, at 1:34 AM  


By emily's world, at 10:49 AM  

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