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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

When I first started

Received checks this morning, last month adsense income dropped. It's because of I was shifting server during that period of time.

I was using a dedicated server and it hanged almost every 2-3 weeks once, then slowly became 1-2 weeks once. Scary, everyday when I woke up in the morning and everynight before I went to bed, I need to check whether my sites are still "alive" or not? Hah, mostly they "died" or "seriously injured" and I need to reboot it all the time...Gee...Ugh...!!

So I end up took up the decision to change server, from one hosting company to another one. There're a lot of hassles by changing server. It took me ages to copy all of the big files from old server to new server completely (it's also because of I know nothing about the technical part). I think partly also because of the cron jobs problem.

That's why my adsense income dropped almost 50% by that. It's a crucial thing to select a hosting or server for your adsense business.
HINT: Not every popular hosting company are having good server and good technical support.

Of cause I wouldn't know which hosting company is the best but I'll know which company is not suitable for adsense business.

Do you have this kind of problem with your current hosting or server? Or haven't? I bet you'll know it one day if you're having thousandsssss of adsense sites. Hehe...

Oh well, I guesss that's life. I'm getting sleepy now ... going to bed. I'll write more when I'm free soon. Tata!


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care to share which hosting company you are migrating to?

By PsP Junky, at 9:14 PM  

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