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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Don't forget that WE, too, can help!

The last two weeks have been very busy.

I just saw a posted comment from "Conray of The Wedding Favor Place" – If you’re reading, thanks for your comment about our "wounded" ozone.

We (which means you and me), no matter whether we are entrepreneurs or home-mums or just a consumer have responsibility for our Mother Earth. The thing is, sometimes we FORGOT our own responsibility to take care of Earth.

You see, it’s weird that we think of SOMEONE, it could be our spouse, our family member, our neighbors next door or other regions, other states, other countries will take care of this better than we do. So, we can "escape" from taking the responsibility – the responsibility of taking care of what we have, which is Earth itself. The reason why we try to escape is probably the inconvenience that it caused.

Just imagine this, we have billionsssss of people on Earth, if everyone have this thought, you can imagine how worst it can be...

What I’m trying to stress is that... the more advance and modern we are now, the more self-fish and self centered we are. We are all more emphasized on our own benefits and convenience. I know it’s an ugly truth and you might not like what you read, but I just need to spill out the truth once in a while. Perhaps you've seen someone close to you, it could be our close family, close friends or neighbours are doing something that hurting our Earth.

I’ve just finished watching "Desperate Housewife" Season II last night (I know I'm a bit late). Somehow, it’s no longer as funny as it used to be (coz I used to laughed a lot when watching it) but a reflection of reality in life.

I think what’s the most interesting part is, people tend to forgot those who had helped them to be where they are today. Ouch, it’s hurt! I hate to be betrayed. Ohh, Emily, you've been silly... Who Love To???! If you watched Desperate Housewife, you’ll understand what I mean when Bree’s son, Andrew is not forgiving his mum or when the Chinese housemaid of Gabriel slept with her husband. Another one was Zach abandoning his father in jail when he needs him the most – after all of the hard work of raising him up.

People are so desperate in winning something that they won’t get any reward in return but losing the precious things in life. The funniest part is they don’t even realize it. It’s a good show, worth for watching if you haven’t watched it. I’ve learned something there.

I know it’s just a soap, so to speak. But many people are doing the same the things and to Mother Earth as well. “She” has given us the Sun, Water, Air, Trees, Earth and etc. What are we doing to reciprocal what She has done for us?

Think about it and share in the Comment below if you want to.


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