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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Yahoo? Google??

Friends told me, their adsense incomes decreased drastically. I personally think that links are another major tool for adsense success, but it can be used or misused.

To get rank in Yahoo, I think quantity backlinks are important. The more they are, Yahoo will think that your site is important to the users.

In contrast, for Google, quality are more important than the quantity. Google will consider where do your backlinks come from, whether is come from a link farm or a blacklisted site which is still begging to be penalized. Also, be remembered, the number of the links and where you link to other sites will also take into account :) .

So, Yahoo? Google?? I'll say BOTH!! Haha! Actually it's depend on your personal preferences which search engines to focus to. So that, you won't put too much effort in creating useless links because this will not improve your ranking.

I'm heading to Australia, see you guys there....tata!


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Yup, Quality inbound link is important, inbound link came from pagerank similar or higher than you will make you rank higher while if many low quality link to your site, you might see some drastic decrease on your pagerank. Also important not to outbound link to pagerank lower than you, you might also risk getting lower rank.

By Bizolink, at 7:38 AM  

Thanks for sharing :)

By emily's world, at 2:58 AM  

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