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Monday, October 23, 2006

Our MISTER Ozone

I came to know that our beloved MISTER Ozone, who used to protects us on Earth by blocking ultraviolet rays from the sun is wounded now. Our ozone hole is expanded to the size that bigger than North America at the Southern Hemisphere, entire Antarctic continent, surprise surprise, at the same time........I feel sad.

Our ozone now is having a huge hole which about 10.6 million sq miles or 27.4 million sq km. See blue shadow in the picture above, no kidding, it's really bigger than North America! On top of that, what's more important, it's nearly all of the ozone in the layer between 8 and 13 miles above our Earth's surface had been destroyed. Sigh...I feel like suddenly a nuclear bomb going off in my head!

Ozone depletion caused mainly by human-produced compounds that release chlorine and bromine gases into the stratosphere. These high chlorine values covered the entire Antarctic region lately and this ozone depleting caused the Antarctic stratosphere weather is fluctuated.

Experts' prediction, during the next 10-15 years, despite measures already taken, the ozone layer will be critically thinned. It is only after this crisis that we can envision its gradual restoration, which will probably last until the middle of the 21st century.

However, we still can help to slow down the ozone depletion by our behaviour as a consumer. I think this is extremely important.

Choose only goods with the label "ozone friendly," declaring the absence of substances dangerous to the ozone layer

Please look for this labels:

-Ozone friendly

-Freon free

-CFC free

Sometimes, we're too busy with our own daily lifestyle, our businesses online or offline, routine work but...

Don't forget that WE, too, can help!


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Great post about the ozone layer. So many things are happening around the world today and it's really scary.

Now is the time for us to really enjoy life and the people around us. Don't put off things until tomorrow because you never know what might happen today.

Never thought I could help by purchasing ozone safe items. Once again great post.

By Conray of The Wedding Favor Place, at 4:46 PM  

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