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Monday, September 25, 2006

The 12 Apostles in Australia

At first, when we reached here, we've totally no clue why our tour guide brought us to "these rockiessss"? Though, though~~~ those rockies are 'quite' special~~ with their extraordinary shapes, look like limestone sculptures situated on the Great Ocean Road, Victoria.

Then, some travellers started to explain to us about the originality of these twelve apostles and this may be considered. According them, they were chosen by Jesus Christ Himself during His Ministry... Ah huh~~!! Emmmmmmmm... Whoa, twelve of them have their own names??? And they are listed in some places in The Bible. Wow, sound cool. I just can remember one of the names is Judas. He is someone that understand Jesus the most. I think this is a myth of this Twelve Apostle.

According to what we can see, these sandstone columns formed over thousands of years. The sedimentary layer at ocean level is denser, harder, than many of the layers above it. Still, with timeless pounding of waves, the layer breaks down and, periodically, columns and arches that stood for millenia topple into the ocean.

Actually, we've never really seen all the twelve of them, we can only see 8 of them. I think some of them are being the smaller surrounding rocks, crumbles into the sea or perhaps went back to Jesus :) .

I still have one wondering whether Captain Cook has visited here before? ;)

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